Yugoslav Football Legends: An Art Project by Marija Marković


Once again we are delighted to present the work of one our favourite artists out there, Belgrade-based graphic designer Marija Marković. Marija depicts some of Post Pravda’s true loves, i.e football, Yugoslavia and socialist nostalgia, in the form of beautifully designed postcards and posters, and her work has captured the attention of publications around the world, featuring in Fox Deportes, In Bed With Maradona and RP Online, to name but a few.

She was kind enough to share with us her design project on the great football players of 20th century Yugoslavia, entitled Yugoslav Football Legends:


Yugoslav Football Legends is, so far, my favorite poster collection related to football. Maybe because of the fact that these players I presented are, no doubt, the true legends of this sport that was once played at a high level, gathered in one place and part of them were players of my favorite club presented in the shirts of other clubs, where they were ensured the status of legends (of course, that was referring to Savićević, Stanković, Mihajlović…) Yes, it was a long time ago but despite that fact, their greatness still grows from year to year and this perception is not exaggerated at all, right?

I know that some other names are missing but it is quite impossible to present all of them and these are my top favorites. I remember that a journalist from the Daily Mirror told me that these posters are different from the usual ones that they have found over the internet because they are about unfairly forgotten players from Yugoslavia that the football world used to admire and not about trending players of today. I have to mention also magnificent players of our biggest rival Partizan – Borota, Mijatović, Paunović(…) included in this list as supreme football legends. No matter from which club in ex YU they came they are marked as devoted players whose names, because of the passion and brilliance in the game, became synonymous of this sport.