As Winter Approaches Moscow: Photo Essay by Ekaterina Anchevskaya


It is late night, the window is open to let the cold wind in. The heating is turned on.

The city is growing and changing with a dashing pace – but those residential suburbs never change.  These blocks of flats with flickering lights. Looking outside from the window you see someone walking between the trees, the shadows moving through the streets already submerged in the darkness.  You see some rare lights in the rooms of those who don’t sleep.

Hurrying up, everyone steps outside the escalators of the underground and disappears in the corners chasing the last light. Isolated and absorbed in their own thoughts.

It is late October, the temperature drops below zero and the sun is gone for the next couple of days, or weeks. Eyes are getting used to the grey shade and bitter winds that strike the face.


Photographs are taken from 2010 to 2017,  both analogue and digital.