Urban Soundtracks: Kyiv According to band [O]


Winter has come to an end and Kyiv is awakened from its hibernation with the lovers taking to the streets, a successful hosting of the Champion’s League final, and all the amazing spots across the city bumping with energy. As the days grow longer and the nights more exciting, one needs a soundtrack for the best time of the year.

[O] is definitely the band to do the job of soundtracking the Ukrainian capital. Fresh, youthful, and effortlessly cool, they make that music that perfectly suits those evenings spent drinking down by the Dnipro or in Podol. As well as provided us with a great summer mix, their singer Olya Chernyshova was also lovely enough to speak to us. They’ll be opening for Ivan Dorn on June 1st so if you’re in the city, come check out two of the most lively acts in Ukraine! Make sure to follow them on Facebook.


Really loved the mix. It is filled with brilliant Ukrainian pop gems. What do you think this mix expresses about Kyiv?

I think this mix expresses some specific spirit of Kyiv. Maybe to feel it you should live in another city or even in another country. I can imagine an impression of a stranger, I guess it might be quite bright!

What I find interesting about Ukrainian music has been that fine line it walks between mainstream and underground music. Although a lot of the bands have different sounds, you all walk this line elegantly. It is accessible and fun but it is equally experimental and challenging. What do you have helped to shape such an exciting music scene in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine?

I think Ukrainian musicians mostly try to be equally authentic and modern. We try to create something new but to trace the roots when it’s possible. We try to walk away from traditional pop scene and to think continentally. At the same time, many bands (including ours) try to keep up with the mainstream. That’s why we found ourselves on this tiny line between underground and mainstream, as you’ve said. It’s hard to tell what forms us. I’ve never thought about that before, now I will!

You guys have been signed onto Ivan Dorn’s music label. Have you had much of a chance to collaborate with him?

We had a chance to collaborate with Ivan Dorn, but this song is not released yet. We’ll be performing with him on June 1st though!

You’re getting ready to release a new album. Congrats on that! What can we expect from the new album?

Thanks a lot for congratulations on our new album! It came out just a few days ago. The feedback is good, people say that new songs are dancing and light. We agree with that and are happy that people love our music. Grab yourself some summer music!


1. гурт [O] – Роби Любов 2.15
2. Vegetarian Sisters – Свобода feat. Stacy
3. YUKO – Hreblia
4. Pahatam – Untitled Demo
5. Cape Cod – Cape Cod – Feel This Way (feat. Constantine)
7. The Maneken – Mary
8. CEPASA – Loveloop
9. Ivan Dorn – Collaba
10. Constantine – Слёзы
11. Tik Tu – Колихана
12. Lissa Wassabi – Помешалась (prod. by Koloah)
13. Jamala – Сумую (Morphom Remix)
14. SunSay – Happy People
15. Pur_Pur – FIRE
16. Dao Park – Не Згорає
17. гурт [O] – Добре 12.5