Urban Soundtracks: Casablanca According To Adil Hiani


Sadly, we’re as broke as Greece at the moment due to some poorly formed habits, like placing €50 bets on who will have the second throw-in during the Southampton vs. West Brom match and investing in an Irish-based Latvian balsam company. We’d love to take you traveling, show you the four corners of the world, and the cancer-curing wonder that is Borjomi, but we can’t. However, we can do the next best thing. We can, for 45 minutes or so, take you metaphysically to one of the many beautiful cities of the world.

At No-Yolo, we are starting a series called Urban Soundtracks, in which DJs and producers from around the world get the opportunity to soundtrack the spirit of their city. We give them a completely free hand in curating and selecting their ideal mix, in the hope that we can provide some insight in to the wonder and diversity of their city.

Our first mix has been provided to us by Casablanca-based DJ and producer, Adil Hiani. He is a native of Casablanca but has also lived in Berlin. Inspired by his love of hip-hop, he started DJing at the age of 13, and this quickly encouraged him to take an interest in other varieties of electronic music. By his 21st year, he had released his first EP on the Italian-based label Sonora entitled Carpet Beaters, and he has had a number of subsequent releases. He now co-leads a Moroccan-based label called Cosmo Records, whose sound is focused on converging Western, West African, and Oriental music.

Casablanca is a city that has a long past associated with romance and beauty but unfortunately those days seem to be gone. In comparison to other Moroccan cities such as Marrakesh or Fez, the city gets a pretty bad reputation of being a bit of a mess. As Adil says,

“Casablanca is a big city with all the disadvantages of big cities (insecurity, pollution, noise) and even less advantages (public transport is not good, no metro, driving here is a pain in the ass, few green spaces, and cultural spaces) but I love it because it’s my home”

That said, it certainly appears to have character and if Adil’s mix is any indication of that, then it certainly has some beauty hidden away somewhere.




Track list for Adil’s mix

1-Masomenos – Postcomunism in Casablanca (Cosmo records)
2- Rene Sandoval – Hypnotic Bass (Cosmo records)
3- Rene Sandoval – Deep Medina (Cosmo records)
4- Radiq – Eastern Hemisphere (Thomas Melchior’s ethno dub remix) (Cosmo records)
5- Radiq feat. Khansa Batma – Bonez (Cosmo records)
6- Tolga Fidan & Greg Brockmann – Umut (Cosmo records)
7- ????? – ??????? (Cosmo records)
8- Chris Wood & ‘Halal’ Meat – Back Down (Adil Hiani’s Trippy Berber Swing) (Unreleased)