Postcards From Yugoslavia: Marija Marković Illustrates Yugonostalgia


Belgrade-based graphic designer Marija Marković is a supremely talented artist who we at Post Pravda happen to be big fans of. Marija manages to combine our true loves (football, Yugoslavia and socialist nostalgia) into beautifully designed postcards and posters, and her work has featured in publications around the world, from Fox Deportes to In Bed With Maradona to RP Online. She was kind enough to share with us her design project Postcards from Yugoslavia:


Postcards from Yugoslavia is my poster collection dedicated to the country that doesn’t exist anymore. I tried to restore my memories that I have for my former country with these posters based on things, places, people, culture, lifestyle, tradition that represented that big and unique Yugoslavia.
Although I was 4 years old when Yugoslavia started to fall apart I couldn’t experience that life slogan Fraternity and Unity of Yugoslav people in that time and what was later called – Yugonostalgia.
I can’t say I am 24/7 Yugonostalgic but I do think that phenomenon called Yugoslavia had (and still has) great cultural and traditional influence. Because of that period of life and because of some great things that Yugoslavia gave to the world, in many aspects these posters are here to recall that period.
Now that we live in 6 separate countries I do think that Serbia is the most beautiful and that Belgrade is the center of the universe but it is always nice and fair to remember and save from forgetting good old Yugoslavia.
This is my little contribution  🙂


Check out more of Marija’s wonderful work on Behance.