Memories, Emotions & Being “On A Shore Of A Cloudy Lake”


On a Shore of a Cloudy Lake is a product of a collaboration between my friend Tamar Tsiklauri and myself. Tamar is an emerging Tbilisi-based fashion designer and we had worked together on a couple of other projects before.

In 2016, Tamar showed me a project that she had been working on. Immediately found myself inspired by her simple, minimalistic yet very strong silhouettes. One can really sense Tamar’s upbringing through her work. She is a child of the mountains. She is from one of the remotest regions of Georgia called Khevsureti, in the east of the country. The conditions that she grew up in can be felt throughout her work, with an incredibly strong sense of raw emotion pulsating from it.

The two of us have lived completely different lives, with her being from rural Georgia and myself a Tbilisian. We grew up having completely contrasting experiences. Social norms that we had to adhere to were peculiar to our environments, and the matters to be rebelled against were unique. Yet, there is still this very humane need for transgression that we both share.

We’ve talked over and over about how our memory is often beyond our control. The mechanism that goes into storing the emotional memories of our experiences and filtering them into various chambers of our minds is still very ambiguous to me. Some memories we retain are so vivid one could almost touch them, yet others are delivered into the wasteland of ‘no return’. We have a very negligent conscious control over what stays and what goes. We continue to harbour the emotional memories of experiences that we would rather have forgotten long ago.

However, these long-ago filtered experiences oftentimes cause generations of biased pre-conceptions regarding various subject matters. They weigh us down, making it impossible to proceed with our journey. We acknowledge the fact that these events have played a major role on our growth as free-thinking individuals. They have served their purpose, though. Judging from the current perspective they’ve accomplished their mission, and sometimes we would just want to be able to be liberated from feeling responsible for these memories. On a Shore of a Cloudy Lake was an attempt to visually depict these thoughts. To visualize our struggle with the emotional memory that oftentimes becomes the reason for a total creative numbness.

Reflecting on this project, I realize that my interpretations are different from what they used to be. However, I find it to be a natural part of a creative process. Once the work is done, it should be set free, and allowed to start a life of its own among the audience. It should evolve, transform, mutate, and I absolve myself from its evolution. You just let it find its own way. The concepts that you envisioned in the process of working do not matter anymore: they’ve served their purpose, they’ve brought the work into the world, and they should just let the work go.