Letters to Tbilisi


Recently, we were asked to contribute to a project entitled ‘Letters to Tbilisi’. Here is our submission:


Dear Tbilisi,

You are all my hopes and all my hangovers. You are all my future lovers and all my ex-girlfriends, including the ones that don’t wish me a happy birthday anymore. In my heart of hearts, I know that other cities will come and other cities will go but only you will ever be the one I wanted to introduce to my parents.

Both of us have made mistakes. I far too regularly took advantage of your kindness and liberal drinking laws. You occasionally proved yourself to be a bit of a reactionary and there was that time one of your citizens punched a friend of mine in the forehead because she didn’t want to talk to him. You often found me too arrogant and too vegetarian. I found you too complacent and too sh*t at driving. We were not an easy pairing.

There have both been times we tried to walk away from each other yet here I am daydreaming about Sololaki. I’m dreaming about your illogical streets and your impossible marriage of refinement with chaos. I don’t expect you to say the same about me but I’d like to think you brought the better characteristics out of me.

At our most vulnerable moments we can admit that our sum total doesn’t total the same apart. At my most honest moments I would even suggest our inherent flaws and peccadillos even enrich our love. There is Paris and New York for those who want perfection but there is only Tbilisi for me. However, I might just be trying to steal kisses from you now.

Despite us being far away know that you’re on my mind. Our day will come when I’ll return to you. I promise to marry one of your Ninos and name all of my children Zaza. All of them. I’ll never promise to make you whole but I’ll certainly try. Till then, please remember, Tbilisi that I love you.

With nostalgia in my mind and wine glass in my hand,



Photo Credit: George Gogua