I Love You Across Eight Time Zones


Where I live it is 35 degrees and kisra will be served for lunch tomorrow. Where you live it is -7C and if you want to drive to Shaw tomorrow then you can have injera for lunch. Others may think fermented bread may be all that our two spaces have in common but we both know that it is where our other halves reside.

For us there exists an undaunted stubbornness to love each other. There is a patience and assurance that when our shit internet connection breaks down again, that we can recognize the splendor of each other’s love through pixilated images and fragmented audio. When the connection eventually goes silent there is never a doubt in our minds of our love. There is an abundance of opinions and proverbs about long distant relationships but there is only the fact for me that I love you.

People around us may have their doubts but I never doubt us. I could never doubt us because you love my joy and my passion. I love you because you know that I must be far away to be who I am. Still, you are able to love and support me despite this distance. I see no hyperbole in saying that a person’s capacity to find love in another person’s happiness is decency in practice. In every fiber that is us you have shown me to be the man that I only hear about in all our favorite crap R&B songs.

For all the simplicity of what I’m trying to convey, I will never have the capacity to express the profundity of what your love means to me. The words that I express may never hold the balance to explain the wealth of my love for you but with each kiss at arrivals and every tear shed at departures you will see that I am yours. In the who, what, and where of my life, it is here where I belong for now but it is you who I belong to forever. I love you across eight time zones but then I love you some more.