The Very First Georgian Nude Queer Photography Exhibition Opens Tonight


We all have been deceived. And those who lied to us had been deceived too. They have stolen our identities which we are willing and trying to get back.”

– From Lasha Fox Tsertsvadze’s exhibition Giorgi


This evening, Thursday March 1st, will see the opening of the very first queer photography exhibition in Georgian history. Lasha Fox Tsertsvadze’s project Giorgi will open at 19:00 in the Black and White Gallery on 46b Iakob Gogebashvil in Tbilisi.

The exhibition will be Lasha’s first major gallery showing. A working-class artist, he has spent years working in bars and the service industry in order to allow himself to continue practicing his art. His erotic photography has attracted widespread interest and attention since he delved into the medium in the fall.

Speaking to Post Pravda about his work, he said: “I want to show people that you should aim to be free, and be proud of your identity.”

Lasha is one representative of a growing progressive movement among Georgian artists, who are willing to confront the worst excesses of homophobia and hatred in society.

The event’s Facebook page is located here.


Black and White Gallery, 46b Iakob Gogebashvil, Tbilisi