Emilija Stanisic Beautifully Mixes Fashion & Symmetry


Creative compositions. Contrasting colours. Somehow fashion photography, but in a different… fashion. That is the work of Emilija Stanisic: the Serbian photographer you should really keep an eye on.

Her elegant shots invite to endless browsing, her keen eye for detail begs you to scrutinize every element of her shots. You might notice she hardly portrays any men – and when she does, they are wearing a wig. This is not without reason.

“Female physiognomy is an unfailing source of inspiration for me”, Emilija says. “When I take pictures, I tend to put an accent on not so obvious aspects of every girl’s beauty. In addition to this, since my direction in photography is mostly influenced by fashion photography, my tendency to shoot women is therefore completely logical.”

Choosing everyday settings for her outstanding photos, Emilija carefully scouts and selects where she works, and with whom. Listing a good location, inspiring faces and outfits, and adequate light as her most important elements of photography, Emilija shows us elegant women, androgynous girls, and everything in between.

Because of that, going through her work feels like a visual coming of age story. Innocence and purity meet creativity and seduction, and all of it portrayed so well. Being inspired by artists from especially the fashion industry, Emilija sees people such as Michal Pudelka and Maria Svarbova as the biggest influences on her artistic and technical development as a photographer. However, her inspiration is not restricted to the more established artists, as she also keeps an eye on various Serbian photographers and “friends who are always willing to share their ideas”.

Post Pravda has been featuring many photographers from the Balkans lately, as there seems to be an endless stream of artistic talent originating from that region. Emilija is not surprised about this, but relatives origins. “The new wave of young photographers is something that refers to the whole world, I have a feeling. Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, not only does almost everyone have a phone camera with them, but everyone is surrounded by an endless field of information and ideas as well – thanks to the internet.”

Emilija knows where her strengths lie, and works and plans accordingly. As for her future focuses, she still manages to incorporate some new elements in her upcoming project. “I am working on a whole new series of photos with models I have not previously worked with, so I am currently developing a concept and searching for the right location here in Belgrade. What I know for sure is that it is going to be focused on fashion and female elegance – as it usually does.”

Her gorgeous compositions and portrayal of purity and fragility set the tone for an exciting new generation of photographers. Many of them hail from the Balkans, yes, but not exclusively. Either way, being able to step into a young Serbian girl’s world triggers fascination and inspiration. With thanks to Emilija. And to the internet.