Klemens Casey
Co-founder/ Manager
Co-founder, manager and editor of No-Yolo/Post Pravda, Klemens finds himself living the 9 to 6 nightmare, but dreams of the 'unhinged mad artist' life. An Irishman who occasionally delves into national stereotype, he has lived and worked in England, Iceland, Georgia and Chile, and would rank Kyrgyzstan and Paraguay as the most obscure places he has visited.
Ciarán Miqeladze
Co-founder/ Creative Director
Co-founder and Chief Arsehole of No-Yolo/Post Pravda, Ciarán is an unnoteworthy educationalist based in an unspecified Gulf country. Blurring the lines between right, wrong, the erotic, and the outright bullshit, Ciaran spends his days lost in his love of Borjomi and shawl-collared sweaters.
Co-founder/ Head Writer
Svetlana was sent from outer space to gather information on humankind. Years into her mission, she took on disputed territories, got into gastro-travel, admired beauty in decay, and fell in love with the post-Soviet space. Currently doing her MA in journalism in Russia, she swears she cannot possibly be bribed with fruit... but you may still try.
Margarita Knysh
Born and raised under the regime of Europe's last dictator, Margarita could have become the next Victoria Azarenka, representing Belarus at the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments, but she chose to pursue a career of a professional bar hopper in Lithuania instead. In her free (from drinking) time, she is searching for a place to call home, and writes articles about that to pay the bills.
Elisa Coll Blanco
Elisa Coll Blanco is a feminist writer who mixes travel and activism. She has participated in Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S., helped in the refugees crisis in Greece and hitchhiked alone in Albania, Croatia and Belgium, among others. You can find out more about her adventures on her blog
Paola Barboglio
Passionate writer and traveller from Italy, currently based in Milan. She loves books, dark chocolate, alcohol and movies about (any) addiction. She hates boundaries and borders. Currently trying to find a paying job, or a quick way to conquer the world.
Klotild von Schweinhundsheim
Klotild is an ambivalent amphibian wriggling between extremities of high culture and deepest low life, poetry and turning the air blue. She is madly in love with factories, junkyards and all kinds of fucked up places. She cannot survive without photography, booze, decadence and literature. Klotild is based in the Eastern part of Central Europe and knows well that this is the less cute but more fun part of Europe. She is a human rights and slang synonyms collecting enthusiast who does not like travelling to bourgeois tourist destinations.
Waleed Othman
Waleed is a burgeoning writer of Palestinian descent living somewhere in Canada. He is also heavily involved in the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign against Israel in Canada. He hopes to one day live in his home in Haifa.
A Bergen, Norway-based artist with an equal fondness for oil painting, Gallo Pinto, and the benefits afforded by the Norwegian social safety net. He looks good and dances even better. He'd also like to note that someone else wrote the article 'growing up Latino in Norway' without his permission.
Aleksandra Aleksic
Aleksandra is currently a student of journalism. She is sometimes politically correct and just an overall optimistic person.
Vincent Perdisatt
Vincent recently discovered that Don Juan DeMarco was actually a fictional character and not a distant relation, like his uncle had told him.
Natia Gvianishvili
Natia is a lesbian feminist activist and researcher from Georgia. She represents Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG), a feminist organization working on LGBT issues with special focus on lesbian, bisexual women and transgender persons. She is one of the founders of the Independent Group of Feminists. In 2012 she received a Master's degree in Gender Studies. She worked on WISG's LGBT Discrimination Study (2012), where she authored the chapter on situation of transgender persons, and in 2014 prepared a separate qualitative study on the Situation of Transgender Persons in Georgia.
Anna Greene
Disillusioned by years of exposure to miserable expats and tourists, Anna brings a hopelessly jaded and biased perspective to No-Yolo. She is a student of politics who has been compelled by financial necessity to work in the uninteresting fields of human rights and international justice. Perhaps out of over-exposure to the one-track activist mindset, Anna’s research on regime change in Southeast Asia problematizes the moralistic, theological and unidirectional approach that characterizes most scholarships on the matter. In international relations, her interests lie in system change and international institutions in East Asia.
Matthew Greene
Matt is a freelancer currently living in Rabat, Morocco. He obtained a MA in Near Eastern Studies from New York University in 2014.
Brian McPhee
An average teacher but phenomenal drinker, Brian currently lives and works in Antalya, Turkey. Originally from the less than great United States, he now spends most of his time trying to explore the weird and beautiful of life and once in a while may even get it down on paper for others to love or loathe. He also finds bios to be incredibly self-ingratiating and banal.