Where to Eat in Kyiv: The Best Affordable Restaurants in Ukraine’s Capital


We’re not really ones for haute cuisine. It is lovely and all to write about the tremendous artisanal gastro innovations, but there are plenty of other magazines to focus on that. For us, we want restaurants that have character, personality, good food, and that are accessible to the majority of people. This magazine was not intended to celebrate rich people.

With this in mind, thinking about the best restaurants in Kyiv becomes a pretty fun time. The city is hardly known for food but there is a growing restaurant scene in the Ukrainian capital. The fun thing about it is that the most exciting and interesting places are within an accessible price point for most people. So, let’s move away from the lame jokes about potatoes and references to Chicken Kiev. Let’s look at the best places to eat in Kyiv.


Druzi Café

Admittedly, I’m a bit apprehensive about naming a chain restaurant to any list but there are a lot of positive things about this place. It has created a really youthful atmosphere with its design and staff. It makes a solid effort to make interesting dishes ranging from couscous to salads with batata and feta cheese. The staff is always friendly and basically every dish is less than 5 euro.



This Crimea Tatar restaurant is a must for anyone visiting the city. One of the many different regional cuisines in the country, this place offers an insight into one of Ukraine’s beautiful cultures, particularly since the occupation of the territory by the Russian government. Obviously, there are a lot of links between Turkish and Tatar cuisine with a big emphasis on barbecued meats and fresh vegetables. Despite it often being packed with both locals and foreigners, the quality is always high and it isn’t some tourist trap joint. Make sure to book a table ahead of time though!


Vegano Hooligano

Originally, I used to hit this restaurant up for lunch with my old flatmate while suffering the effects of drinking too much the night before. Going to the location in the Besarabsky Market and eating vegan food made both of us feel far less guilty about the previous night’s drinking. Luckily, the food was also really high quality for a small pop up and it is pretty generous for the price. More importantly, in a country where veganism is as popular as visa restrictions, it is nice to see some people trying to make veganism both fun and attractive for the larger society.


Пян-Се бар

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❗️ОБІДНЯ ПРОПОЗИЦІЯ У ПЯН-СЕ❗️ ⠀ Так, так, віддтепер обід у Пян-Се став ще вигіднішим! Спеціально для тебе ми розробили пропозиції, від яких ти не зможеш відмовитися 😉 Обирай вже зараз!🥗 ⠀ Комплекс #1 (99 ГРН) 🔸 Курка Териякі (курка, рисові кулькі в панко, печериці, смажені овочі, соус териякі) 🔸 На вибір салат – морква «як треба» або картопляна соломка 🔸 Холодний чай (чорний або зелений) у ПОДАРУНОК🎁 Комплекс #2 (149 ГРН) 🔸 Суп Няньгугі (окрошка по-корейські) 🔸 Пян-Се з яловичиною (подається з двома салатами) 🔸 Холодний чай (чорний або зелений) у ПОДАРУНОК🎁 ⠀ Пропозиція діє тільки з понеділка по п’ятницю з 11.00 до 16.00. І так, ми за чесні та великі порції (такі, які у звичайному меню) Заходь на смачний обід в Пян-Се!❤️ ⠀ 📍 Нижній Вал, 33Б 📞 063 445 18 94 ⠀ #pyansekyiv

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Located in a courtyard in perhaps Kyiv’s most fashionable district of Podil, this is a place that you’ll need to either hear about from a friend or stumble upon by chance. My friend, Kyiv-based curator Darya Koltsova, kindly took me out for a drink here. One of the few Korean places in Kyiv, this joint is mad stylish with an eclectic menu and classy bartenders. Definitely part of a new wave of bars and restaurants that are catering to an emerging middle class in their twenties. You’re messing up skipping this place.


One More Pizza

Located basically next to Пян-Се бар, I really fail to understand how this restaurant hasn’t made a bigger splash in Kyiv. No one really mentioned it to me and the only reason why I initially went was because they have a classy neon sign. What I found was a legitimately fantastic pizzeria that has fresh ingredients made in a pizza oven. Kyiv has a lot of qualities but decent pizza restaurants are a bit tough to find. Beyond its quality food, it has a brilliant design and has what one review called “democratic prices.”